Mary Sweeny, Copywriter 


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Copywriting & Marketing 


Investing in a professional copywriter is a good business decision. It pays to make sure you're putting your strongest message forward when placing digital and print ads, web content, press releases, email campaigns and sales letters. Here's how Mary Sweeny, Copywriter, can help.

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Marketing Communications  

Annual reports, speeches, brochures, all will be much more likely to accomplish set goals if they're written by a professional writer who understands the fact that every communications piece has a job to do. 

No fluff. No boring ramblings. Just clear, concise, benefits-based words that get the job of communicating done.

All things marketing communications will be more effective if written following time-proven formulas. Mary applies these methods to generate desired results for her clients.

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Industrial & B2B Copy

Industrial and B2B copy is one of my specialties. I've been recognized for my ability to explain detailed products, services and processes in ways that convey benefits and generate results. Business to Business Advertisers, like all others, must use copy that is written clearly, concisely, and conversationally.

SEO website copy that sells. Blog posts, e-mail campaigns and sales letters that bring immediate results.

Let's talk about your A, B and C-level customers and how to cost-effectively maximize all three.

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Medical Copy

Hospital, private practice health care and other medical websites, collateral, ads, and press releases that are SEO, clear, concise and conversational while conveying benefits and moving readers to take action.

Mary writes compelling medical copy that expresses compassion and caring while conveying the knowledge, skill and resources it takes to diagnose, treat and heal patients. Copy that begins to build trust. 

Mary has written complete websites for hospitals located across the U.S.,  University medical centers, physician groups, diagnostic labs and private practices in many specialties.

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Sales Tools

Your sales team - however large or small - needs sales tools. 

Sales letter templates, sell sheets, emailed newsletters, lead follow-up, and the kind of customer contact that helps retain customers while adding new ones.

A well-written sales letter can bring excellent results. A powerful headline, subheads, and copy that moves the reader to take the action you want them to take. 

Ask about Sales Tools that will consistently pay off. 

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Ads, and Press Releases

Print ads are still viable and effectively bringing in leads - as long as they're written and designed according to time-tested formulas. . 

Mary writes print, digital and outdoor ads that get attention and bring results. 

Before investing in ad placement, make sure your ad is as effective as possible. And be sure to include tracking mechanisms.

Let me tell you how I've improved response rates by as much as 276% for my clients.

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Blog & Social Media Posts

Blog posts must be written to interest and engage the right audience and enhance your SEO results.

Social media posts need to be relevant and engaging. Plenty of resources have been wasted on spinning the SMM wheel with no real results. 

Social media posts that are written well and flowing consistently each day can improve your customer relations, visibility and SEO across the web. Mary can work for you on a month-to-month basis, or longer-term.

Let's get your social media marketing on track and engaging your desired influencers.

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SEO Web Content

Search Engine Optimized web copy, blog posts and social media posts are vital to your online success. 

If not written well, SEO web content can seem forced and unnatural. 

Mary writes web copy that is SEO without sounding repetitive, contains the correct number of key words  - according to current algorithms -and is clear, concise and conversational. The copy Mary writes is easy to read and brings the desired results.

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Copy Critique

If you have prepared an ad, email blast, sales letter, or other marketing piece that you're about to distribute, why not send it to me for a detailed critique. 

Tell me a bit about your product, your best customer, and the way you plan to distribute it. 

I'll let you know what's good - and what can be improved - and how. 

My copy analysis service is an affordable way to maximize your marketing efforts. 

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Email Marketing

Email can be a very effective and affordable method for reaching your customers and prospects on a consistent basis.

Done correctly, emailed newsletters, or email blasts and campaigns can generate click-through like no other media. 

Mary writes email messages that increase open rates, get straight to the main benefit and move readers to action.

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