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New Lower Cost Heat Exchanger Helps More Companies Turn Wasted Exhaust into Reduced Energy Costs

There is a way to capture the exhaust from manufacturers’ baking, drying, heating, or other processes and turn that exhaust into energy to run manufacturing equipment, or even heat the building. With natural gas rates already astonishingly high and some experts predicting hikes of over 30 percent this winter, the above statement certainly gets attention.

Toledo, Ohio-based Exothermics, Inc has just launched a new air-to-air plate-type heat exchanger that offers product cost reductions as high as 30 percent. The savings, available for low to medium temperature exhaust processes, is achieved through the use of the company’s exclusive sinusoidal design and 409 grade stainless steel vs. more costly materials and less effective designs. 

“409 stainless can be quite adequate for temperatures ranging from 70°f to 800°f,” explains Paul Wild, Exothermics General Manager. “The lower cost 409 stainless material allows us to offer an impressive payback in low to medium temperature applications. With our new MT exchanger, even on exhausts lower than 200°f we can deliver incredible paybacks!”

According to Wild, these applications include some industrial boilers, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, and many manufacturing processes with exhaust temperatures less than 800°f. “The key,” says Wild, “is to find a need for the heated air.”

“With today’s natural gas costs,” Wild asserts, “it doesn’t make sense not to look seriously at a heat exchanger that can turn exhaust air and gases that were going out the stack, into usable energy!” He adds, “Our engineering team knows how to match the right design, size and material to fit each application precisely. That’s how we manage to deliver maximum efficiency and paybacks our competitors envy.”

Wild says that his company has delivered initial investment payback periods as short as 3 months.

According to Exothermics’ Senior Sales Engineer, Kurt Schultz, “There isn’t a plant manager in North America who hasn’t been challenged to reduce operating costs. This new MT 409 stainless steel exchanger provides a realistic way for almost any person in that position to accomplish that directive.”

Always the innovator, Exothermics was the first to design and build heat exchangers to help automotive manufacturers capture energy from exhaust gases, returning that energy to run the very processes it came from.

“General Motors was the first auto manufacturer we helped to recover process exhaust,” explains Ron Leon, National Automotive Industry Manager for Exothermics’ parent company, Eclipse, Inc. “Then Chrysler, and Ford saw the value in investing in Exothermics heat exchangers. Now, you can’t find an automotive manufacturer who’s not utilizing this powerful technology!”

Based in Toledo, Ohio Exothermics, Inc. is a subsidiary of Eclipse, Inc. and has been manufacturing industrial air-to-air and gas-to-gas heat exchangers since 1976. Exothermics heat exchangers are designed and built using a closely-guarded proprietary design and manufacturing system. Their goal is to help manufacturers worldwide make “The Great Exchange” from wasted exhaust, to reduced costs.

More information is available at the company’s website:


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