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Have you got an ad, sales letter, press release or web page you want to make the most of? 

Send it to me and I'll show you how to improve it. 

And the cost is just $100!.

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I've Got Your Back. Here's How It Works.

Before you invest the money to place an ad or mail a sales letter, it makes good business sense to make sure you're putting your best message forward. The quality of your digital content can either make or break your investment in a website, app, or email campaign. 

Media reps are paid to sell ad space. They are not your best source of advice on what your ads should say,  or what they should look like.

You need an objective professional.

I use proven ad methods to write copy that brings maximum results. I've taken existing ads, press releases and sales letters results from 0% response rates to as high as 276% response rates. That's because I know which words to use, and how to use them. I know how to quickly get to know your prospects and what they want from your product or service. 

$100 will get you my professional recommendations - and better results.

 Send me your one-page sales letter, web copy, e-mail blast, or ad and I'll respond with my comments on how you can make it a better, more powerful selling tool!

I'll include:

     *********** Alternative headline idea.

     *********** Suggestions for getting and keeping your readers' attention.

     *********** Suggestions for improving your layout for increased readability.

     *********** Comments on graphic elements and how they might be improved.

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